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Petroleum Distribution and Management Systems (PDMS)

A client/server windows-based application that enables petroleum companies distribute petroleum products, manage fleets, streamline accounting procedures, streamline vendor, supplier and customer interactions. It is simply an abridged enterprise system that includes the features of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, Asset Management system and Logistic system.

Microfinance Software

A client/server windows-based application that enables Microfinance companies of all sizes lower operations cost and improve service delivery. The software includes customer management, loan management, delinquency management, savings management, reporting management, and performance management, accounting , security and automated backup features. It can be installed in your back office server and desktops or simply connect to it using an internet enabled devices in our private cloud.

Solar Powered Digital Library

Our Solar Powered Digital Library Solution is a complete solutions that includes all the computer hardware, solar system, software and one year free warranty service. We want to put thousands of open education materials available on the internet and those developed by trained local teachers base on their curriculum in the hands of students and teachers mainly in communities were textbooks, electricity, internet, PCs, and science labs and libraries are lacking.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

A HR management system that offers a wealth of components and features to suit the needs of your business, NGO, MDA, and Government of any size. HRMS is windows-based and includes features such as Personnel Information Management (PIM), Leave /Time off Management, Time & Attendance Management, Recruitment, Training, Performance, Document Manager, and Disciplinary Tracking

R50 Fanless Solar Optimized Server

With a 4th generation Intel® Core i3 processor, up to 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD storage, and 4K video output, the R50 combines performance with the reliability of ‘no moving parts’ and uses only 12 Watts making it ideal for mission critical applications.

Solar Powered Classroom in a box

A field-proven solar technology combined with low power computers provides a kit that fits in a pickup truck. Through our partnership with Aleutia Computers, solar has been made simple and we can install a solar classroom in a day

Fanless Solar Optimized T1 Nettop PC

Intel® Bay Trail technology with 4GB RAM, a Quad Core 2.0 GHz Celeron™ processor, a powerful integrated graphics allows you to watch full HD content and with a high speed SSD (30GB to 1TB), the T1 is the ideal PC for 90% of the world.