Microfinance Software Details

Client Management

Track and manage client data clearly and easily with flexible, customizable tools:
  • Track and print client data in our simple, single-page KYC section.
  • Define custom data fields yourself with multiple formatting options.
  • Increase your efficiency withcredit scoringcapabilities.
  • Upload and manage pictures and signatures related to your clients.
  • Use our client mapping extension to improve field efficiency and view the geographical distribution of your clients.
  • Upload and track scans of official documents such as ID cards and business licenses within the system.

Loan Management

A full suite of loan products at your fingertips:
  • Customisable scheduleswith clear preview and easy editing functions.
  • Flexible product parameterssuch ascredit lines,insurance, andmandatory savings.
  • Easily attachguarantorsandcollateralsto track all guarantees given by clients.
  • All fees including entry fees, late feesand prepaid feesfully customisable according to your practices.

Savings Management

Create a new savings account and receive the first deposit from the clientinunder two minutes:
  • Open and close savings accountswith ease, using asimple,user-friendly interface.
  • Perform transactions including deposits, withdrawals, transfers between accounts, and more.
  • Implement mandatory savingson demand.
  • Streamline work with worry-free end-of-day processes.
  • Upload and track scans of official documents such as ID cards and business licenses within the system.
  • Readily manageterm deposits.
  • Event trackingin a dedicated tab enables you to monitor and print transaction histories.


Operational forms:
  • Automatic internal formsfrom Word or Crystal Reports to save time in your daily operations.
  • Disbursement and repayment receiptsto be printed by your cashier at the moment of transaction.
  • Contract agreementsbetween you and your clients generated automatically in the format according to your practices.
  • Microsoft Wordcan be used to easily adjust your internal forms.

Management reports:

  • Key performance reportsallowing managers to improve staff productivity.
  • Crystal Reports and Excelcan be used to display reports
  • Portfolio at risk, delinquent loans,andcollection sheet reportsto help you maintain the quality of your portfolio.
  • Disbursement reportsandclosed and active loans liststo analyze efficiency and increase productivity.


Take care of all your accounting needs with LAMTECH MFS:
  • Customizablechart of accounts.
  • Fullyautomated booking generationswith theoption to performmanual bookingsto handle unique transactions.
  • Custom entry typesconfigured to handle any kind of accounting operations.
  • Automatically producedbalance sheet, turnover balance sheet,Profit Lossreport,balance flowandcash reports.
  • Daily-based accrualsandtaxation.
  • Automated loan provisioning,fixed assetsmanagement,and depreciation calculations.
  • Managementfunctions includingtime sheets,payroll, contractors,advances,andmore.

Integration with external accounting systems:

  • Manuallyorautomatically exportaccounting transaction files generated in LAMTECH MFS to an external accounting software.
  • We have experienceintegrating LAMTECH MFS with internationally standard software such as1CandSAGE.
  • Let us know what accounting system provider you use, and we will coordinate integration with our system.

Delinquency Management

Mitigate the risks and maximize the rewards of your institution:
  • Keep track of your portfolio at risk with a clear alert window.
  • Use delinquency flagging and reporting to monitor your portfolio.
  • Automated reports on delinquent loans and portfolio at risk.
  • Track collection actions inside your loan contracts, or using the task management extension.
  • Save time on operations with automatic warning letters.
  • Additional functions included with ourdelinquency management extension.


Increase your efficiency with external system integration:
  • Automatically generate reports and export data using MS Word, Excel, and Crystal Reports
  • Easily customize management reports, contracts, and receiptsin CR Report Designer and MS Word.
  • Integrate LAMTECH MFS with official credit bureau databases
  • Upload credit bureau blacklists to the system to ensure security.
  • Stay in touch with clients and employees using our SMS and mail alerts system
  • LAMTECH MFS can be integrated with external POS systems, as well as mobile money ATM services
  • Custom integrations can be ordered on demand


Benefit from a wide variety of business improvement tools:
  • A user-friendly interface with daily alerts and productivity indicators.
  • Streamlined workflow allows you to disburse a new loan in under one minute .
  • Print customized contracts, receipts, and other documents straight from the system.
  • Track your progress with Key Performance Indicators displayed on an interactive dashboard.
  • Keep a close eye on risks using LAMTECH MFS's rich library of standard and customizable reports.
  • A team of highly qualified international microfinance and technology specialists always ready to advise you on improving your institution's efficiency.

Security & Backup

Be confident in your organization with LAMTECH MFS's security and backup features:
  • Control who uses your software and why with user rolesmanagement.
  • Be confident in your security withpassword protectionfunctions.
  • Use our audit trailfunction to review actions performed in the system.
  • Take control of your data using the onsiteself-backupfeature.
  • Increase the security of your system by using secure off-site data replicationmanaged by LAMTECH MFS technicians.
  • Go mobile with LAMTECH MFS in the Cloud - your software is safe, and all backups and security tasks are performed for you by the LAMTECH MFS team.